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SpyGLass GUI getting into shape

It finally happened: spyGLass 0.3.2 sports an all new shiny nifty GUI frontend. It's still the same library hack, it just got a makeover. Wander to http://spyglass.sf.net/ for more info.

And the long version...

Up until now spyglass was pretty much a command line application because that's something I can live with, and it's practical and doesn't require much time to program. GUIs on the other hand... but lo and behold, three guys (Baris, zgr and Tobias) rolled up their sleeves and got a GUI up and running. And it was good. But since my Qt-fu is way down there, it got rewritten. And what came out of that might not be as good, but it's slowly getting there. 0.3.2 has a more or less working GUI which IMO can be easily extended in many directions. Ideas, bug reports and patches are always welcomed, but please do use the SF facilities to make it more manageable for me.

Posted by Marcelo E. Magallon 2002-09-24

Joining the family of GL preloading hacks: glxforker

After some quick hacking glxinfo has been born. Its original intention was to get OpenGL clients working with VNC, but it kinda took a different direction. glxforker will open a second display, create a GLX context there and direct the client towards that context, read the resulting image and copy it back to the client window. What this achieves is *remotely* hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering (not to be confused with indirect hardware accelerated rendering for remote clients). For now it's very rough not only at the edges but everywhere else. Status: it works for me on my machine at home. It's available form the spyglass homepage: http://spyglass.sf.net/

Posted by Marcelo E. Magallon 2001-08-12

OpenGL tracing works as it should

After some months of non-work, I finally got arround doing the rewrite I've been thinking about for some time. The code has been cleaned and rewritten for the most part. spyGLass now uses the OpenGL Sample Implementation's spec files to generate the funtion wrappers. The format tables are still on the TODO list, but the current version in CVS works as test of concept. There's still some work to do under the hood, but this is looking good. Plans for the future: profiling, filtering, and at some point a socket interface for the GUI front end. Oh, yes, GLX isn't playing nice at the moment.

Posted by Marcelo E. Magallon 2001-06-14

Initial spyglass source release

The first public source release of spyglass is available for download on http://sourceforge.net/projects/spyglass spyglass is an OpenGL call tracer/debugger loosely based on SGI's ogldebug idea. Right now it's very crude, it will just output every single OpenGL call a program performs, with arguments and enumerations listed using their symbolic names. The near term goals include adding proper handling of bit fields and pointer arguments. Eventually a GUI frontend will be developed, too.

Posted by Marcelo E. Magallon 2000-08-14