Believe it or not i'm putting my last Spyce site out to pasture by the end of next? month. 
It helped my client (a regulator) analyze and identify abnormal stock trading behaviour for small stock markets in the Caribbean. Its been in production since 2007?. I'm Migrating the system to Django and making more use of the power of pandas for time series and other statistical analysis.
BTW if you liked spyce then you should probably take a look at http://aspen.io. In some ways it is very similar to spyce you can mix python and template code on the same page. It is getting some notice as it is framework that powers http://gittip.com the popular micro donations site.

Recently, I used aspen when I participated in the gittip sprint at pycon2013. Although I am a bit of a Django chauvinist I had to admit it was really pleasant to use such a lightweight framework over a heavyweight like Django (It really reminded me of why i liked spyce)
I'm going to teach some youngsters (13/14 age range) python next month and i'm definitely going to use 
Here's a post by the aspen author explaing some of the ideas behind the framework
I'm not sure if spyce is compatible with python2.7?

On Mar 28, 2013, at 11:40 AM, John Graber <devopsdba@gmail.com> wrote:

Just stumbled across Spyce recently and absolutely loved it.  But sadly for me, I see that there's next to no activity happening around it lately.

Is anyone using Spyce in production these days?  I'm toying with the idea of using it for a small project I'm playing with.



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