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spsp-0.3a released

spsp-0.3a is much more different from previous version!!

- more flexible and complex framework for python application server.

ServletRequest - ServletResponse - ServletContext
HttpServletRequest - HttpServletResponse - HttpServletContext

- DefaultParser, RegexpParser are provided
- only servlet execution is supported. no more line by line execution.
- psp:declaration tag has been removed ( declaration is not required in python world! )
- PHP tag style is no more supported. - restricted execution/HttpSession is not supported now. expect next version... :-)
- spsp library will be installed into $PYTHON_HOME/site-packages... read more

Posted by Ray 2001-04-09

spsp-0.2.2 released


- minor bugs fixed
* userdir including bug
* invalid bufferSize bug

- use MatchObject.match() instead of

Posted by Ray 2001-03-18

spsp-0.2.1 released


- relative path including supported (by emulating mod_userdir, mod_alias)


you can try to execute include examples at

Posted by Ray 2001-03-08

spsp-0.2 released


- new elegant parsing algorithm using regexp accepted and old codes from PMZ are removed


from now, we need not fear about License problem. :-)

Posted by Ray 2001-03-07

spsp-0.1.1 released


- psp:comment tag supported
- simple text installer supported


tag name : spsp-0-1-1-20010302

Posted by Ray 2001-03-02

spsp-0.1 released

first sourceforge release. ^^*


HttpSession supported
JSP-like tags supported
- psp:directive.include
- psp:declaration
- psp:expression
- psp:scriptlet
restricted execution supported
form variable dictionary supported
tag style (JSP-style,PHP-style) supported

Posted by Ray 2001-03-01

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