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SprueUML update

I have some basic class diagrams completed to get us started.

I also have AS3 code generation classes completed but they need a lot of cleaning up. I created them for a project I'm doing for one of my clients and abstracted them enough to be an addition to SprueUML, however, timelines being what they were it's not documented well and not as clean as I'd like so it won't be committed to the repository until it reaches my standards for a release.... read more

Posted by oliverseal 2009-02-05

Sprue UML Project kickoff

With the death of the Saffron UML software that so many developers were getting excited about, Actionscript 3 programmers are left without hope for an easy-to-access and specialized interface for developing UML Class diagrams that generate code stubs.

Enter Sprue UML. It's called Sprue UML because of this piece of machinery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprue_(molding)) used to in the process of creating models. Sprue UML is an application built on the Adobe AIR framework that allows users to build class diagrams and then generate class stubs with extensions and documentation output. Usability is the highest priority to allow the user to create diagrams and generate code quickly.... read more

Posted by oliverseal 2009-01-15

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