I'm a novice Linux user and have been trying to get Sprog (which looks like a fantastic app) to work on Centos Enterprise v4.2  (Intel xeon smp 2gh/512mb - centos full install) - with no luck - I know there are component libraries which need to be installed such as...
  • GTK+ libraries
  • libgnomecanvas*
  • libglade
  • Perl - preferably version 5.8, along with the following CPAN modules:
  • When I try to install these I get missing package dependencies and when I install the missing components they are not found by Sprog or other dependant components.
    I've also been trying to find rpm files where poss. (to satisfy the dependencies and have been using fedora core 4 rpms as I cant find the rpms for centos) but when I download a component package in tgz format I unpack and install them using the 'default' install method...
    make install
    should I be using a location switch on the install commands such as make install /[dir]/[dir]...
    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful!