#8 Merge file readers/writers

Tim Nelson

The number of gears is going to become unmanageable as
soon as people really start using this. I'd suggest
having slightly more generic gears with more properties.

In this particular instance, I'm suggesting that the
file reading/writing gears have a "file format" option,
so for example, you could choose the format "Apache
Log", and then you would no longer need the gear for
"Parse Apache Log".

You could also set an output format for the files. eg.
you could set the output format to "CSV" (as a
property), and then you could eliminate the "list to
CSV" transform.

Unfortunately that would mean that the above would need
to be polymorphic as to the type of connector allowed,
but if you were using the "pipes" idea, you could
colour-code the types of connector allowed, and allow
multiple types to connect to the one thing (and use
perl's "ref" to figure out which was which).


  • Tim Nelson

    Tim Nelson - 2005-06-28

    Logged In: YES

    Let me suggest that instead of my suggestion above, you try
    this even better idea; instead of putting the above options
    on the files, have a separate Parsing object which has
    filetype properties, and a Templating object which also has
    the file type properties.

  • Grant McLean

    Grant McLean - 2005-06-28
    • labels: --> Interface Improvements
    • assigned_to: nobody --> grantm
    • status: open --> closed
  • Grant McLean

    Grant McLean - 2005-06-28

    Logged In: YES

    I've posted my reply to this feature request to the
    sprog-users mailing list because I don't think the
    Sourceforge tracker system is a useful mechanism for
    debating interface changes.


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