#12 Perl In, Perl Out


When I first heard about this project, I was really
excited. A way to catalog snippets of code and a gui
to glue them together. My first thought was, "Very
cool. Now I can put those snippets of code together
and create a whole script." It never crossed my mind
that the script created wouldn't be a perl script that
I could then take to any machine.

Anyways, this is a round about way of saying, what I'd
really like to see in sprog is an export function,
where the output is a perl script. Sprog would then be
an IDE for perl scripts, instead of and IDE for Sprog
scripts. Overall I see this as an easy to implement
feature that would make Sprog an essential tool for
Perl development. Futhermore, the exported Perl script
could then be used on a machine which lacked Sprog (for
example my webserver.)


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