#11 Separate basic machine from GUI

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Tim Nelson

It would be cool if the RPM were divided into the
following packages:
- Basic Sprog
- Sprog GUI
- Sprog-* (various gears)

The nice thing about the above arrangement is that it
would be possible to create a Sprog machine, and then,
on someone else's machine, install just the basic Sprog
and the appropriate gears, and then they could run the
machines without having to install all the GUI related
stuff. I'm presuming that the Basic Sprog stuff would
be easier to port to Windows than the GUI, so people
could create Sprog machines on Unix, and then give them
to Windows people. While I presume the eventual goal
is to have Sprog-GUI run everywhere, porting of
Sprog-Base would be a step in the right direction.


  • Grant McLean

    Grant McLean - 2005-06-28

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    The guidelines for packaging Sprog are now in CVS and will
    be included in the next release tarball. Splitting
    sprog-base from the sprog GUI package is recommended.
    Splitting out gear classes is not.

    There is not really a 'porting' issue with making Sprog run
    on Windows. The issue is simply that there is no binary
    distribution of the Gnome2::Canvas Perl module.

  • Grant McLean

    Grant McLean - 2005-06-28
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