Yes, I agree: we need to auto-install standard property editors based on metadata (e.g property type) for a given form property.  Currently, we are delegating to BeanWrapper which auto-converts on sets but does not convert back to String on gets.  Hence you get the exception below without a form model type converter installed.



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hi peter,


I run into the same kind of problem. I have a "int" field in the form object, and while loading the form error reported:

2004-10-27 10:33:59,141 ERROR org.springframework.richclient.application.config.ApplicationAdvisor - Class cast exception converting value to string - did you install a type converter?

I am wondering that for an "int" field, why the default PropertyEditor can not recognize it? For standard java bean, there are default property editors for the general types such as int, long, Date, etc. Could our rcp property registry mechanism delegates these general types to the standard java bean property editors?




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You can find some preliminary user documentation on the wiki:

there are already topics on validation and typeconverters (see Forms Support)

Hope this helps,

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        Subject:        [Springframework-rcp-dev] typeconverter problem


I have some problems using formmodels. I get the error message "did you install a typeconverter". The question is how do I install a typeconverter???

Another question: How is validation of form input done in Spring-rcp?

BTW is there documentation avialable about this form framework?


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