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SPRING Doxygen documentation available

We have posted a Doxygen-generated technical description of SPRING's classes. This is sparse, since it was generated automatically. However, it's a good way to start understanding the structure of the SPRING classes and their relationships.

See the download area to get these 2 files ZIP totalling about 15 Mbytes.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2007-08-31

Macintosh OS X versions now available

The SPRING main program and the phantomServer for the Sensable Phantom OMNI are now available under the Downloads section.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2007-06-07

SPRING at MMVR 15 workshop

SPRING was one of 5 featured open source surgical simulation platforms at the Open Source Frameworks workshop during Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) 15, February 6-9 in Long Beach CA.

See http://spring.stanford.edu/Workshops/workshops.html for additional information.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2007-04-11

SPRING documentation updated!

Information has been posted on the main SPRING page http://spring.stanford.edu. Look for "documentation", and follow the link to a set of technical notes describing some parts of SPRING.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2007-04-11

Windows Visual Studio 2005 release

The latest release of SPRING now compiles and links under Visual Studio 2005, as well as UNIX.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-05-25

SPRING Visual Studio.NET 2003 released

A version of SPRING that compiles and links under VisualStudio.NET (2003) is now available for download under "Files". Watch this space for the release of a VS 2005, coming soon.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-05-15

SPRING Workshop June, 2006

SUMMIT and the National Biocomputation Center at Stanford University are sponsoring a hands-on workshop for both surgeons and software developers to learn how to use the SPRING platform to develop surgical simulators.

The workshop is at Stanford University, June 27-30. Please see the "New Workshops" on our website http://simworkshop.stanford.edu/ for more details and registration information.... read more

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-05-08

Please fill in the survey...

A short text-only survey is now included on the Files. It contains e-mail addresses for you to directly contact the SPRING developers, for problems, suggestions, and experience.

Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-03-16

SPRING Home Page...

The Home Page for the SourceForge SPRING project now points to spring.stanford.edu.

This will have additional information on SPRING, its use, and tutorials.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-03-01

DisplayServer available

Source code for SUN Solaris and Windows 2000/XP is now available. This creates a displayserver process which can be connected to Spring to provide remote display capabilities for the images created by SPRING.

DisplayServer listens on port 1200 for connections from SPRING, then displays the resulting JPEG images that are sent from SPRING's main process.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-19

SPRING papers available

A set of SPRING technical papers has been posted on the Files area. These give background on SPRING, its theory of operation, and examples of application of surgical simulation.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-19

Bimanual Haptic Server added

A Windows server for Immersion Medical's Laparoscopic Surgical Workstation is now available. This allows two-handed simulation of surgery with SPRING, providing haptic feedback with a realistic surgical tool interface.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-12

Haptic and Phantom servers added

Source code for two networked interactive device servers is now loaded. HapticServer connects SPRING to Immersion Medical's laparoscopic simulators (single tool). PhantomServer works with SensAble's Phantom Desktop device.

These servers, when linked with the device's libraries (not included), connect the 3-D input devices to SPRING Sensors via TCP/IP connections, allowing SPRING to be run remotely from the I/O, and for multiple users to interact with SPRING over local and wide area networks.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-12

New Windows Version - fixes compile problems

A new version 0.1.1 of the Windows release is available for download. This fixes problems with compiling and linking in the 0.1 version.

Also note the screenshots now available.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-10

SPRING SUN Solaris and WIndows versions now available

The SPRING Surgical Simulation is now released for compilation under Sun Solaris as well as Windows 2000/XP.

Also, brief documentation describing SPRING has been added to the project.

Posted by SPRING Simulator 2006-01-09