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Spring Netbeans Module Release 1.1 available for downloads

A new release of the Spring Netbeans Module is now available for download. This version includes support for Spring Framework 2.5, hyperlinking support in bean xml files, improved xml catalog, and a wizard for creating new bean xml files. Special thanks to Rohan Ranade who has recently joined the team and has made contributions for many of the features in this release. The new release is available from the SourceForge downloads page and Netbeans Plugin Portal.... read more

Posted by Craig MacKay 2007-12-03

New release of spring-netbeans module v1.0

A new release of the module is available for download. This version supports Netbeans 6.0 and includes libraries from Spring Framework 2.0.6. The latest release is forNetbeans 6.0 only so if 5.5 support is needed please download the previous version. If there are any comments or suggestions, please submit any feedback using the sourceforge tracker. Thanks

Posted by Craig MacKay 2007-08-19

Module Tutorial posted on netbeans.org

Thanks to Troy Giunipero and the Netbeans team, a tutorial has been created that shows how you can quickly get started creating Spring Framework applications using the Netbeans IDE and the Spring Netbeans Module. The tutorial can be found at the following location:


If you have any comments or suggestions about the module, we welcome any feedback.

Also, The Spring Netbeans Module is now ranked as the fourth most popular Netbeans plugin. With the upcoming release of Netbeans 6, we are interested in getting a new version of the module produced that will better support new features in Netbeans 6. If anyone is interested in joining the team and helping out with the next release of the module, we welcome any contributions. Please contact me using the sourceforge form at http://sourceforge.net/sendmessage.php?touser=1396555

Posted by Craig MacKay 2007-07-16

Viewlet Flash demo created

A Viewlet flash demo has been added that walks through the installation process of the module and how to get started writing Spring Framework 2.0 applications using the Netbeans IDE v5.5.

The demo can be viewed at the following location:


Posted by Craig MacKay 2006-11-06

Release 0.3 added including Spring Framework 2.0 Final libs

A release has been added that uses the Spring Framework 2.0 final release libraries. This plugin allows developers to select the Spring Framework 2.0 as a framework when creating web applications using the Netbeans 5.0 IDE

Posted by Craig MacKay 2006-10-04

New release of spring-netbeans module v0.2

The 0.2 release of the spring-netbeans module has been added to the downloads section. This release includes Spring Framework 2.0 RC4 libraries integrated into the create web application wizard process. The goal of the module is to help users get up and running quickly producing Spring Framework applications using the Netbeans IDE.

You can download the module from

http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=174340... read more

Posted by Craig MacKay 2006-10-03

Release 0.1 added for Spring-Netbeans Module

An early release of a module providing Netbeans integration with the Spring Framework has been released. The module allows users to select Select the Spring Framework when creating web applications in Netbeans. The module will then add the necessary libraries, configure spring in the web.xml, and register an XML Catalog in the netbeans runtime tab. This will enable XML code code when editing Spring Framework beans configuration files.... read more

Posted by Craig MacKay 2006-08-30

New Screenshots Added

Screenshots of creating a spring framework project, auto completion of bean xml, and spring xml catalog view have been added

Posted by Craig MacKay 2006-08-29

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