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Ontology creation script now released

In the server/scripts/ontload directory you can now find the tools to create your own customized spree ontology. To do so please follow the instructions in the README file.

Posted by Winfried Umbrath 2008-08-01

SVN Repository available

The Spree source code can now be browsed and downloaded through SVN. For details such as the repository URL click the "Code" tab.

For contributions please send a patch to spree-devel@lists.sourceforge.net and it will be committed after reviewing.

Posted by Winfried Umbrath 2008-06-24

Spree goes Open Source

We are pleased to announce that the prototype of the social search system spree (http://www.askspree.de) is now available via Open Source! The full source code is available on the official project homepage(http://project.askspree.de). For discussions the forums and mailinglists provided by Sourceforge can be used.

Posted by Winfried Umbrath 2008-01-29