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Rev 1.29.0 released

Rev 1.29.0 - 3 Feb 14
Added: DataBars to the full compare change column, combining 'eye-catchers' and cell count.
Added: Similarity check to Full Compare.
Added: Compare summary sheet to Compare Results Workbook that shows added/deleted/ignored worksheets. Thanks Troy.
Added: When using Full Compare, the program will attempt to determine which file is old and which is new by looking for 'New', 'Old', Before' and 'After' in the file name.
Added: Report workbook tabs are now renamed from Sheet1 etc. to the tab name in the 'new' workbook being compared.
Changed: Ribbon button names to 'Full Compare' and 'Quick Compare'.
Changed: Merged Diffs report from being a copy of the original worksheet to a copy of the original worksheet data only to overcome the issue where the original worksheet has macros. Thanks Troy.
Changed: Merge Diffs workbook now saved in Excel default format.
Fixed: Rare issue setting Merged Diffs report print titles.

Posted by SteveT 2014-02-04

Version 1.19 released

Added - Graphics to Sync Scroll buttons.
Fixed: Error when hyperlinks for values > 255 chars long are generated. Thanks SteveK.
Changed: More consistent Cancel/Back/Next button handling.
Posted by SteveT 2011-03-30

Spreadsheet Compare v1.12RC2 released

First new version for a long time. This beta has a number of enhancements (see release notes).

Posted by SteveT 2008-09-20

Spreadsheet Compare v1.11 released.

New Features:

  • Added a new Merged Differences report that provides a different
    way of viewing the changes.
  • Slight form tweaks.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Cell values are not converted to strings to avoid an error
    I saw when comparing a string with a #REF error in a cell.
Posted by SteveT 2006-09-17

Spreadsheet Compare v1.10 released.

New Features:

  • Added option to ignore certain ranges. Thanks Michael.
  • Added help button to the main form that brings up the help file.

  • Modified the form layout and added a 'Compare' button on each
    step to bypass stepping through each time.

  • Added report option to include a database style row and column
    name in the report.
  • Modified report so that hyperlinks are optional.
Posted by SteveT 2006-09-11

Spreadsheet Compare v1.9 released.

New Features:

  • Added a basic report feature. It creates a new Workbook and prints out the old and new values with links to the changed cells. This feature is not documented in the package notes because I forgot to add it!
  • Added option to install for Excel 2007. I assume the Add-In will
    actually work!
  • Installer now skips the installation of the Add-In for versions
    of Excel that are not installed. So you can keep all the check
    boxes checked if you want. ... read more
Posted by SteveT 2006-09-05

New version 1.4!

A new version out! Not many changes except for a new install package and a basic help file. The install package is pretty cool though.

Posted by SteveT 2005-03-01

New version 1.1.0

A new version. Make sure to review the install notes. If you have the old version installed, you must uninstall before installing the new one.

Some good changes have been included. Check out the release change log for details.

Posted by SteveT 2005-01-09

Home Page active!

The Spreadsheet Compare home page is now active. It is very basic at the moment, but it will let everyone see what the program does.

Posted by SteveT 2004-06-18

Project started!

I have been using this Excel Add-In for a while and thought that it may be of use to others. I will be posting the Add-In within a day or so.

Posted by SteveT 2004-05-17

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