64bit version?

  • _stranger_

    _stranger_ - 2011-12-24

    Can we soon expect 64bit version?


    Excellent add-in!

    Thank you.

  • SteveT

    SteveT - 2011-12-24

    I have Win 7 x64 and the addin works fine. What problems are you experiencing
    and what OS are you using?

  • _stranger_

    _stranger_ - 2011-12-25

    I have Win 7 x64 also.

    But I also have Excel x64. Maybe that is the problem?

  • _stranger_

    _stranger_ - 2011-12-25

    I'm sorry I have not described the problem.

    The problem is that add-in does not work at all (there is no new toolbar) on
    my home PC where I have Excel x64, but works like a charm on my laptop where I
    have Excel x32.

  • SteveT

    SteveT - 2011-12-29

    Probably the addin is not being installed in the correct folder.

    To get around UAC problems, I have started creating a separate folder to my
    addins, then setting Excel to use it. Create a folder somewhere. Find
    Spreadsheet Compare.xlam and copy it to the new folder. Go into Excel and
    'Options>Advanced>General>At startup...' and put in your folder location.

    See if this helps.


  • _stranger_

    _stranger_ - 2011-12-30

    If I do that I am getting this error:

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-30

    Try changing the ...32.dlls to 64s. Unfortunatly you appear to be the only
    person with Excel 64, so we are in new territory.

  • jrez2001

    jrez2001 - 2012-03-23

    I finally got the the add-in ot appear in excel the problem is that it still
    comes up with an error.

    Cannot run the macro 'Compare_ClickHandler' The macro may not be available in
    this workbook or all macros are disabled

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2013-04-24

    Can you please explain how you solved the problem? I have Excel 2010 x64 too, and the Add-ins tab does not compare after installing SpreadSheet Compare. Is there something I can try? :)

    • SteveT

      SteveT - 2013-04-26

      I believe that the original issue was closed by a previous version of the add-in.

      If this is a different issue, then please raise a new case.


  • Alessio

    Alessio - 2015-05-15

    me too have the excel and windows both 64bit.
    could you help me?

  • Charles Baxter

    Charles Baxter - 2016-02-12

    I'm now forced to use Excel 64bit for performance reasons. This app has been very useful to me, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with 64bit Excel - is this the case, or am I experience errors for other reasons? If the latter, I will post more details to try and resolve.

    • SteveT

      SteveT - 2016-02-12

      There will be some incompatablities, mostly with the controls I think, however I think they are workable. I don't have Office 64, so I cannot give detailed instructions. Those that have got it to work have not provided the workaround. If you post the errors, then we can work through them.


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