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SportsTracker / News: Recent posts

SportsTracker 7.4.1 released

This release provides minor feature updates and exercise file parser improvements. Users of recent or updated Garmin devices need this update, otherwise new recorded exercises might not be displayed anymore.
The Exercise Viewer component has been rewritten completely in Kotlin (except for some Java parsers), Groovy is not used anymore. This provides less code, better fault tolerance and an improved maintainability. The Diagram Panel has been improved as well, the graphs are better readable now.
As always, the list of all changes and bugfixes can be found in the Changelog.

Posted by jede28 2017-10-01

SportsTracker 7.4.0 released

This release brings many improvements in the Exercise Viewer. Tracks are now displayed by the new LeafletMap component which uses the Leaflet.js JavaScript library. It supports multiple layers (e.g. OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, Hike&Bike), a scale and improved markers. The previous Swing-based solution has been removed, the JavaFX migration is finally completed.
The Diagram Panel supports chart smoothing now, this makes charts with much data better readable (mostly for speed, cadence and heartrate). The smoothing is optional and can be disabled in the preferences.
The list of all changes and bugfixes can be found in the changelog.

Posted by jede28 2017-03-30

SportsTracker 7.3.0 released

Version 7.3.0 has been released. This release provides a new generic entry filter for exercises, notes and weights, so it's easy to find any entries you're looking for. The user can now export all his data to a SQLite database, this enables new possibilities for evaluation or migration (see the README.txt for details).
As usual this version also provides several bugfixes, details can be found in the CHANGES.txt.

Posted by jede28 2016-10-08

Issue Tracker Migration to GitHub

Finally the issue tracking for bugs and feature requests has been migrated from SourceForge to GitHub. All open and closed issues have been moved to GitHub, they can be detected by the issue label sourceforge-migrated.
Unfortunately user assignments and attachments can't be migrated automatically, that's why all migrated issues are assigned to user ssaring. The original names can still be found in the issue text and comments. The SourceForge issue tracker will remain read-only, so attachments can be looked up there.
Starting today, please use the new GitHub issue tracker only, also for existing issues.

Posted by jede28 2016-04-24

SportsTracker 7.2.0 released

Version 7.2.0 has been released, this release contains many small improvements and bugfixes. The Exercise Viewer now displays the device names and support has been added for Polar RCX3 devices. The updated Garmin FIT library also provides support for many new devices.
Internally the DI framework has been replaced (less dependencies and faster startup) and the native packaging has been improved.

Posted by jede28 2016-03-25

SportsTracker 7.1.0 released

Version 7.1.0 has been released, this update provides some minor improvements and bugfixes. All the dialogs are now using the new JavaFX spinner and formatted text field controls for easier input. Full support for HiDPI / Retina displays has been added (tested on Mac OS X) and the translations has been updated. The native installers now contain Java 8u45 which provides a lot of JavaFX bugfixes.

Posted by jede28 2015-06-20

SportsTracker 7.0.0 release

SportsTracker 7.0.0 has finally been released! The major changes are:

  • Full rewrite of the complete user interface by using JavaFX.
  • New look & feel (now also perfect on Linux) and a new icon set based on the IcoMoon project.
  • Native SportsTracker packages and installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with an embedded Java Runtime, a Java installation is not needed anymore.
  • Instant input validation in all SportsTracker dialogs.
  • Replay of exercise tracks on the map viewer in ExerciseViewer.
  • New korean translation and updates for french and spanish.... read more
Posted by jede28 2015-02-27

Migration to GitHub

The version control system (VCS) of the SportsTracker project has been migrated from Mercurial to Git and the project repository has been moved from this SourceForge project site to GitHub. The URL of the new GitHub project is:

The main reasons for the migration are quite simple:

  • The collaboration possibilities at GitHub (e.g. forks, pull requests, reviews) are much better then at SourceForge. It's now very easy to contribute fixes and enhancements and integrate work from other developers.
  • The adoption of Git in my personal projects and at work is much bigger then for Mercurial, so it's better to use the tool with more experiences.... read more
Posted by jede28 2014-07-15

SportsTracker 6.0.0 release

Version 6.0.0 has been released. SportsTracker is now based on Java 8 (must be installed first) and uses all the new features (e.g. Lambdas and the new Date and Time API). The included libraries have been updated to their recent versions, EasyMock for unit tests has been replaced by Mockito. Some translations (french, german) were updated too. All details are listed in the changelog.
The Java WebStart support has been removed completely (see previous news entries).

Posted by jede28 2014-04-13

Updated website

The SportsTracker website has been updated to match the look & feel of the other project websites at It's now based on HTML 5 and Bootstrap instead of XHTML 1.0

Posted by jede28 2013-12-22

Java WebStart removed

The Java WebStart installation option has been removed from this website, the reason is described in the previous news entry. The WebStart files are still available for existing WebStart users, but there will be no updates provided anymore.
Please use the other installation options described in the Download section instead.

Posted by jede28 2013-12-22

Java WebStart warnings when starting SportsTracker

If you are using SportsTracker with Java Webstart and you are running the latest Java 7 Update 40 (7u40) then you will notice security warnings on each start of SportsTracker. The reason is quite simple: there is no official signed certificate for the SportsTracker project, this is quite expensive and this project is not commercial. That's why SportsTracker uses an unsigned certificate created by myself. Oracle has changed Java WebStart in the latest update, the user must always accept the risk when starting applications with unsigned certificates.
So you should prefer the binary archives for installing SportsTracker instead of using Java WebStart. Probably there will be no Java WebStart support in future SportsTracker releases anymore.

Posted by jede28 2013-09-14

SportsTracker 5.7.0 release

Version 5.7.0 has been released. The major changes are support for reading and displaying Garmin Forerunner 910XT and Timex Ironman Run Trainer exercise files. The error handling of the exercise parser has been improved and the spanish and german translations were updated.

Posted by jede28 2013-01-13

Timex Ironman Run Trainer support

SportsTracker 5.7.0 will add support for parsing and displaying the Timex Ironman Run Trainer PWX exercise files.
If you can't wait for the final release, get the current development version from the Mercurial repository.

Posted by jede28 2013-01-06

SportsTracker 5.6.0 available

Version 5.6.0 has been released, which brings some nice new features. The Overview diagram can now display statistics per sport subtype and per equipment usage. The map viewer component shows tooltips with detailed informations for all recorded track points of your exercises.
Mac OS X users can now also use Java WebStart for installation. An OS X app bundle is available too, it's size is only 9 instead of 67 MByte before. It requires the installation of Java 7 Update 6 or later.
Other changes are Calendar and Diagram improvements, bugfixes, refactorings, updated libraries and translation updates. As always, all details can be found in the changelog.

Posted by jede28 2012-08-29

Hint for Java WebStart update problems

If you have problems with updating an existing SportsTracker installation via Java WebStart, then you need to manually uninstall SportsTracker first and install it again by pressing the WebStart button on the SportsTracker homepage.
The reason is a new certificate for signing the application, the old one expires in 2013. Thanks to the users for reporting this problem.

Posted by jede28 2012-08-02

SportsTracker 5.5.0 released

This release improves the Mac OS X support. The installation on OS X (10.7 required) is now very simple, just download the archive of the app bundle and move it to your applications. Other improvements are the new high resolution application icon, exercise files check after startup, project and build system updates and bugfixes for Timex PWX users. See the CHANGES.txt for futher details.

Posted by jede28 2012-07-24

SportsTracker 5.4.0 on Mac OS X

Since SportsTracker 5.4.0 depends on Java 7, which is not available yet for OS X, it's not very easy to install it. So I've written some instructions in the forum available here:

Posted by jede28 2012-03-24

Version 5.4.0 has been released.

The biggest change is the switch to Java 7 and the usage of the new language features. All calendar entries can now be copied to the current date, so entering new entries is done much faster. The context menu for the entries is now available in all views. Alex Wulms has greatly improved the GPX exercise parser, it also supports Garmin Oregon and HOLUX FunTrek devices now.
As always, this release also includes other minor changes, bugfixes, refactorings and translation updates. All details are listed in the

Posted by jede28 2012-03-18

No Spam anymore

There were a lot of Spam posts sent by anonymous users in the SportsTracker in the last weeks. Sorry for the inconveniences to all subscribers of the forum, unfortunately these stupid posts are not blocked automatically by the SourceForge platform.

So I've disabled today the possibility for anonymous posts everywhere in the project (forum, bug tracker, feature requests, patches, ...).
This means that everybody who want's to contribute something needs to login first. And this is great, so we can always see where the input comes from.... read more

Posted by jede28 2011-09-07

Switched to Java 7

SportsTracker has switched to Java 7, which has been released a few days ago. Now it uses all the new language features of Project Coin. The changes have also fixed some minor unknown bugs.

Posted by jede28 2011-07-31

SportsTracker 5.3.0 released.

The new version includes minor usability improvements and an important bugfix for users of GPX execise files. The libraries have been updated and the build process has been improved. SportsTracker now also runs with the recently released Java 7.

Posted by jede28 2011-07-30

SportsTracker 5.2.0 released.

The biggest changes are the support for the widely used GPX file format and the support for Timex Ironman Global Trainer exercises. As usual, this release also contains some bugfixes, refactorings and translation updates.

Posted by jede28 2011-02-27

SportsTracker tested on Java SE 7

SportsTracker has been successfully tested on Java SE 7 (Developer preview release). It compiles and runs without any problems.

Posted by jede28 2011-02-25

SportsTracker joined to

The SportsTracker project has joined to This website collects high quality free software sport projects and provides the latest news at one single place.

Posted by jede28 2011-02-25