Migration to GitHub

The version control system (VCS) of the SportsTracker project has been migrated from Mercurial to Git and the project repository has been moved from this SourceForge project site to GitHub. The URL of the new GitHub project is:


The main reasons for the migration are quite simple:

  • The collaboration possibilities at GitHub (e.g. forks, pull requests, reviews) are much better then at SourceForge. It's now very easy to contribute fixes and enhancements and integrate work from other developers.
  • The adoption of Git in my personal projects and at work is much bigger then for Mercurial, so it's better to use the tool with more experiences.

The complete history of the Mercurial repository has been migrated to the new Git repository. The Mercurial repository at SourceForge has been deleted.

All the other project features (Bug Tracker, Feature Requests, Forum, ...) will stay at the SourceForge project site. The GitHub issue tracker is currently quite minimalistic, maybe it will be used some time in the future.

If you wonder why the SourceForge project still contains a SVN repository: this read-only repository contains the project history before the switch from SVN to Mercurial with SportsTracker 4.3.0.

Posted by jede28 2014-07-15

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