#68 %BF and BMI

Paul Colby

It would be really great if I could enter my %BF (body fat) as reported by my Tanita scales at the same time as my body weight.

Body fat could (should?) be implemented pretty much exactly the same as "Weight", so should be really easy to add (fingers crossed).

Also, if the user can enter their height somewhere, then the user's BMI (body mass index) could also be calculated very easily every time their weight is entered (personally, I'd prefer %BF, but since not everyone has access to scales that report %BF, BMI would be a good option for many people).

Thanks for a great, *great* little application!! :)


  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-03-07
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  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-03-07

    Is %BF directly related (and so easily computable) to BMI? If so then it would not make no sense to enter any of these two values. Then I would prefer to enter the user height in the Preferences settings, the BMI can then be calculated on demand.

    Bye, Stefan

  • Paul Colby

    Paul Colby - 2011-03-07

    %BF is not directly related to BMI. Although there is, apparently, a way to estimate it from BMI, a lot of fancy fitness bathroom scales (like mine) calculate %BF by passing a small electric current through the lower limbs, and referencing that against known calibrations. For example http://www.tanita.com/en/body-water-monitors-fat/

    So, %BF is something those types of scales report in just the same way that they report a person's weight.

    I totally agree with putting the height in the preferences, and then letting BMI be calculated on demand as you suggest :)

    I hope that all makes sense :)


  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-03-08

    OK, let's summarize this feature request:

    (1) The user should be able to enter %BF (body fat) in the weight dialog (optional), the Overview diagram should be able to display it.
    (2) The user should be able to enter his height/size in the Options dialog, so the BMI can be calculated by using the weight data.

    Let's see when this can be implemented... Someone else could start on this topic too ;-)

    Bye, Stefan

  • Frederik 'Freso' S. Olesen

    If you (or someone else...) decides to add BF%, consider adding water, muscle, and bones percentage values as well. (I can also make a new feat. req. for this, if this would be considered feature creep for the issue. :))

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2012-09-24

    It's OK to leave your additional infos here.
    Unfortunately it seems that there are no developers interested in this feature...


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