#67 Import data from Run.GPS / Zephyr HXM


Zephyr HxM bluetooth HRM works very well with some Android applications, Endomondo, Run.GPS, SporstrackLive . All of them can capture HR while recording gps data.

The most complete i've seen is Run.GPS. This app can export a complete workout to CSV, KML and GPX formats. The most complete is CSV.
The header of a CSV file exported by Run.GPS is this:


There is some bogus data, that i can't understad (as temperature) and cadence (all 0 even when Zephyr provides running cadence).
Also in a file apart there is R-R interval data.

So i think this two files can be joined and imported in Sporstracker?

What do you think? This could be a very good solution for people with Android + Zephyr HxM

Regards and thanks for considering!


  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-02-21


    what do you mean by "i think this two files can be joined and imported in Sporstracker"?
    Do you talk about creating a tool which combines the 2 files into a single file with a new format?
    This would be a very specific solution for your use case, I would not like to add it to SportsTracker in this form (not usefull for other users). I would suggest you to write a simple tool which converts the files to a supported file format.

    The next version of SportsTracker will support the GPX format (allready in the Mercurial repository), maybe this could be a solution for your problem.

    Bye, Stefan

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-02-21
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  • bl3uge

    bl3uge - 2011-02-21


    I meant that these two files could be imported in Sportstracker in any way, i can code easily a little application to convert these two files to anything that Sportstracker could read?

    AFAIK, gpx files does not contain information about heart rate, or R-R intervals? (correct me if i am wrong), maybe converting them to a HRM could be the best?

    example of CSV file used by Run.GPS:

    TrainingStart;0.000000000;0.000000000;3.951562500;110.064125061;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:10.964;16725.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;
    NoPosition;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;77.230834961;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:13.631;16825.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;
    NoPosition;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;146.258697510;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:16.633;16825.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;
    NoPosition;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;245.096359253;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:19.641;16825.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;
    NoPosition;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;209.419845581;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:22.646;16825.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;
    Position;37.852305180;-15.467249620;0.000000000;207.367111206;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:26.651;17017.000000000;0.000000000;117.000000000;
    Position;37.852310780;-15.467236570;0.000000000;217.983474731;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2011-02-20 22:05:27.639;17113.400000000;0.000000000;99.000000000;
    Position;37.852306860;-15.467228170;0.000000000;237.452056885;0.000000000;0.000000000;0.000000000;2.117085469;2011-02-20 22:05:28.723;1727.200000000;0.000000000;99.400000000;
    Position;37.852290320;-15.467231800;0.000000000;240.887603760;175.033335368;0.000000000;0.000000000;2.408238853;2011-02-20 22:05:29.677;1727.200000000;0.000000000;97.900000000;
    Position;37.852278600;-15.467232600;0.000000000;214.985702515;175.033335368;0.000000000;0.000000000;3.396363990;2011-02-20 22:05:30.637;1737.200000000;0.000000000;101.800000000;

    and HR R-R file associated:

    49736 0
    50304 568
    50868 564
    51436 568
    52000 564
    52564 564
    53128 564
    53692 564
    54256 564

    what i want is preserve as much as possible information of my workout in sportsTracker

    thanks for your time!

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-02-22

    Importing two files into SportsTracker for one exercise would not be a good idea...

    Yes, you could create a little tool, which converts the files to HRM format (at the moment I don't know if it supports location data) or to the XML based Garmin TCX format (supports HRM and location data, good documentation available).
    I would prefer TCX.

    Bye, Stefan


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