#63 User selectable HR Zones


Recommend including a feature to have user selectable heart rate zones since not all HRM's record the zone information and sometimes it is not the method you wish to use. For example... some people like %MHR others like %HRR. Zones could be exercise Dependent (I believe its EVExercise) with the default method editable in a new user preferences tab. Reason for exercise dependent is because MHR changes for different exercises and potentially with age and fitness level. This would also permit including the weekly summary of heart rate zone data in the weekly summary. Data tracked by some exercise programs. Feature would require.

1) Modify Exercise class to include heartRateLimits array.
2) Create a method to pass desire to overide watch Zone information from Exercise Dialog to Parser
3) Create a method to pass desired Zones from Exercise Dialog to Parser
4) Add Zone information to Edit Exercise->Optional Tab including dropdown menu with method to calculate when selecting Import from HRM file.
(Alternatively, add a seperate tab though I think keeping it all in the same window eases review.)
5) Add a tab to OptionsDialog for selecting default HR Zones
6) Create a method to modify the HR Zones... Probably with the ability to save various methods of determining them.
7) Modify Summary Data to include Zone Information (Not sure where in the code this is yet.)
8) Need to modify parsers to provide Zone Information.

I'd be willing to help.



  • RobertS

    RobertS - 2010-09-12

    Once imlemented, future impovements could include setting goals for time in Zones and Graphing Progress for Exercise Planning.

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2010-09-18

    Hi Robert,

    sorry, but I don't undestand your concept completely.
    What is MHR and HRR?
    Does the user needs to setup the MHR for each exercise?
    What if the watch support heart rate zones - will they be ignored?

    All in all, it sounds quite complicated...

    Bye, Stefan