ST only loads old OpenStreetMaps-tiles

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i'm cycling around and where i find some missing or wrong tracks i'm editing them to OSM-Maps afterwards.

    But Sportstracker won't load the new-map-tiles, although they're are now already over 20 days old.
    I've cleared map- and media-cache a hundred times, installed the newest ST-version, deleted the map-info on the cellphone via USB, but still get only the old tiles loaded.

    Any suggestions?
    i want _my _maps…

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-07-02

    Sorry for the late respone, I was not at home this week.
    AFAIK the map tiles are not cached in SportsTracker. It uses the MapViewer component from the SwingLabs project ( with the default settings. So it could be a problem of the SwingLabs component or the downloaded tiles from OpenStreetMap are not what you expect.

    Where have you deleted the map- and media-cache?

    Bye, Stefan

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sorry for the _very _late response^^
    ST caches. i have all the map tiles caches in /system/data/STMaps/street/trt/ and here are many folders named qty, rqs, rrt, sqs…. and so on. The tiles are named like trtqtqrq.jpg oder trtqtqrsqqtqqt.jpg
    All together i have now over 6.500 tiles cached with about 60megabytes.

    Map and mediacache deleted in the ST-Menu (probably may be named different, i'm using the german version) - Settings/general settings/here options and delete map-cache or delete media-cache.

    I also tried removing the folder via USB or removing the whole program and re-installing.
    Nothing worked.

    I always get the old tiles. (now about two months old)

    so long… thanks.

  • jede28

    jede28 - 2011-08-08

    OMG, you're talking about Sports Tracker from Nokia? You're wrong here - that's another project.

    Unfortunately Nokia uses the same name as my project (my project is older :-) ), that's why there is often confusion …

    Bye, Stefan


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