RS200sd + SL2HRM

  • Marco Salvagno

    Marco Salvagno - 2006-04-20

    Hello all!

    I'm using sl2hrm to download data from my RS200sd HRM, I can't open such files with PolarViewer, though.

    I ran into two different errors. The first one has something to do with the HRM Version, which is set to 107 by sl2hrm while PolarViewer only seems to be accepting 106.

    I've edited the HRM file to read Version=106, but then I receive the following error:

    PVException catched - Message: Failed to read HRM file, can't parse recording mode informations ...
    in <0x02659> PolarViewer.Parser.PolarHRMParser:ParseExercise (System.String filename)
    in <0x00115> PolarViewer.Gui.PVDocument:OpenExerciseFile (System.String filename

    Any idea?

    • jede28

      jede28 - 2006-04-23

      Hi Marco,

      I don't know the sl2hrm tool. Is it a windows or linux application and for which polar models it is ?

      Please create a bug entry for PolarViewer and attach such a problematic HRM file (unmodified please). So I could take a look to that problem. 


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's a windows application that downloads data for many polar models, including the RS200sd.

      I'll do as suggested, thank you :)

    • Marco Salvagno

      Marco Salvagno - 2006-05-06

      Hello Stefan,

      I have talked with sl2hrm's author, and he told me that he's still missing some information about the new models' protocol (namely CRC)

      In the meanwhile, how do I feed raw data to PolarViewer ( those so-called .rs200sd files)?

    • jede28

      jede28 - 2006-05-06

      Hi Marco,

      what do you mean by "feed data" ? Do you want to know how to download the binary files, so you can use the existing RS200SD Parser in PolarViewer ?
      You need to Jacob Ilsø Christensen, he has contributed this parser. I never tested the download, I don't own this watch.
      You can find his email address e.g. in the about dialog.


    • Marco Salvagno

      Marco Salvagno - 2006-05-06

      That's all I wanted to know

      Thank you! :)


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