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Note released in version 0.3
Rewrote whole code, new folder tree, more modules,..

File release in version 0.1.6
Very experimental status but you see the way it will go

MakeHTML release in version 0.1
At the moment just a small python script, but it will get a pytk face

Posted by Paul Nückel 2009-01-11

New Way of sPOP Project

New Name: sPOP = small Python Operating Programs
Note in Version 0.3. (New Code Base)
Deleting of the Hour program
Add new program called MakeHTML.
MakeHTML is a python script which create thumbnails
and makes a html website.
Update of sPOP Website comming soon

Posted by Paul Nückel 2009-01-10

File and Hour planned

File (Filemanager) and Hour (Timetable) are released as 0.Alpha Version (SVN). Lately a month and you can use the programs usefully.
At the moment it's just the bones.
File will be a small file browser with a little bit diffrent interface (Like Midnight Commander and planned Preview)
Hour is for people which need to write down their hour they work.
You will print the timetable.

Posted by Paul Nückel 2008-10-28

First Release of sPOP Note

First release of sPOP Note on Sourceforge.
It comes with the version number 0.1.4.

Posted by Paul Nückel 2008-05-29