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Moving SPM2 to GitHub

The SPM2 ongoing maintenance project is being moved to GitHub.

Posted by Dimitri Papadopoulos 2015-02-16

new SPM2 release on 2012-06-08

This release of SPM2 adds preliminary support for 64-bit Intel Mac OS X.

Compiled MEX files are not included but the Makefile has been updated so that users using that platform should be able to recompile using command “make MACI64”.

Posted by Dimitri Papadopoulos 2012-06-08

new SPM2 release on 2011-12-13

This release of SPM2 fixes an issue with calls to Matlab function fileparts() in SPM2.

Starting with Matlab R2011b calling fileparts() with 4 output arguments results in an error instead of a warning. There were a few calls to call fileparts() with 4 output arguments in SPM2. This release addresses this potential compatibility issue between SPM2 and Matlab R2011b.

Two approaches were considered:
1. remove all occurrences of a 4th output argument to fileparts(), as suggested by the Matlab R2010a release notes,
2. port spm_fileparts() back from SPM5 and replace all calls to fileparts() with 4 arguments by calls to spm_parts().... read more

Posted by Dimitri Papadopoulos 2011-12-13

Support for 4D volumes in SPM2

On the SPM mailing list:
John Ashburner wrote:
In principle, SPM2 can handle 4D volumes, although you need to set the defaults.analyze.multivol field to enable this. This is either by editing spm_defaults.m, or by starting up SPM and typing..
global defaults
defaults.analyze.multivol = true;

Before patching SPM2 to take into account the Matlab R2011b change in fileparts(), I need to investigate how the 4D volume is taken into account in SPM2 and whether it involves the obsolete 4th output argument of fileparts().

Posted by Dimitri Papadopoulos 2011-12-13

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