I am using an Samsung CLP-510. Computer is an dual core AMD64 server running CentOS 5.1 with CUPS 1.2.4. I downloaded and compiled jbig and then splix 1.1.1.

By using CUPS web interface I add Samsung printer. By default paper size is "Letter". When I send a test page, printer waits for an intervention to push "Online/Continue" button. Then it prints "Letter" on a "A4" page. Except some small loss on the margins of test page, everything look fine. However , if I change default paper size from "Letter" to "A4", it only prints half of the test page and rest is blank. If I change default page size to "Letter" again , printer works very well without a half page print.

Metin Turan

P.S.: I am sorry for crosposting. I later realized that this forum is more suited for my posting