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ML-1865W on LinuxMint 14

  • chuck adams

    chuck adams - 2013-05-02

    Did new install of LinuxMint 14.  Downloaded splix package.

    System sets up printer as ML-1865W, but if I print a one page PDF it prints just fine the first time.

    If I then go to print another one page PDF document, I get multiple pages with one line per
    page and the line or line with continuation looks to be the binary file.

    I know, from previous experience, that the ML-1865W works flawlessly with the ML-1660
    driver.  I would like to replace the current ML-1865W driver with the ML-1660 driver, but
    am not sure where the .ppd file is.  Pointers appreciated and I will report back on the
    comparison between the two drivers.  Am running the x86-64 64-bit version of Mint 14.

    thanks in advance,


  • chuck adams

    chuck adams - 2013-05-02

    P.S.  Splix version 2.0.0-svn306-2ubuntu1  for additional information.

    If I reboot the system, then the one page doc in PDF prints just fine.  Of course,
    I do not want to reboot for every page I want to print.




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