Xerox WorkCentre 3119 -- Blank pages only.

  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2008-03-29


    Testing the splix 1.1.1 and splix 2.0.0-rc1 gives out only blank sheet of paper on a monocrome Xerox WorkCentre 3119.

    Obviouly this printer fall in the SPL2 printer class as the spec sheet printed from the printer panel says:

    Emulation version : QPDL 1.40 11-14-2005

    Does this printer has the possibility in working with the splix driver?


    • Aurélien Croc

      Aurélien Croc - 2008-03-30

      I can do something for your printer but not now since i have too much work during this week. So i will recontact you very soon and explain to you what you can do to help me developing a driver for your printer.


    • Leonardo Hamada

      Leonardo Hamada - 2008-03-31

      It will be a pleasure. Contact me anytime.



    • Leonardo Hamada

      Leonardo Hamada - 2008-05-05

      Dear Mr. Aurélien,

      In the last few weeks I've working on the byte streams generated by the windows driver and I now have some understanding of the algorithm that this printer accepts.

      The algorithm is of type '0xd', and is a kind of run length encoded in a multi-byte packet. It comes in a two-byte, four-byte and six-byte packet sizes, as of now.

      The six-bye type is not complete, yet with two and four byte variety should suffice to write a functional driver, the six-byte contains a kind of larger vertical offset field that helps in documents with large amounts of blank horizontal raster, with is typical.

      If you're interested, as soon as I've got something, I'll post updated info here again.

      As I read elsewere, printers with QPDL/SPL2, "language" is a moving target for a developer, who knows I cound contribute with something.

      Obrigado (Thanks),


    • Leonardo Hamada

      Leonardo Hamada - 2008-05-14


      Wrote the src/algo0x0D.cpp, include/algo.0x0D.h and adjusted to fit, the src/compress.cpp and src/qpdl.cpp. Put a new entry in ppd/xerox.drv. Compiled, installed. Did not send the output to printer yet. Debugging  the qdpl stream with a hex editor, ...not so bad at all. When I'm confident enough, will try on the printer.


    • Leonardo Hamada

      Leonardo Hamada - 2008-05-16


      I hope not get into trouble with the manufacturers but now I can print to my printer without the original drivers, because it is x86 only -- not advertised in box:(.

      And I wrote some docs on the algorithm too. Some may say that its easy to do. Well it wasn't quite so.

      Anyone willing to help test further ?




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