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No Support for CLP310 / CLP315?

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-19

    Hey guys,

    there's anecdotal evidence you're supporting the Samsung CLP-315. Where do i find appropriate PPDs for this printer? There are no ppds in the package, neither in SVN. Any hints?

    Thank you.

  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2010-08-19

    Hi there,

    Rationale: This printer should accept encodings similar to CLP-610, by looking at the foo2qpdl sources. This is just a guess.

    I don't have this model but lets try this, to begin, change the compression code in the clp300.ppd from 19=0x13 to 17=0x11:

    That is, change

    *ColorModel Gray/Grayscale: "<</cupsColorSpace 3/cupsColorOrder 0/cupsCompression 19>>setpagedevice"
    *ColorModel CMYK/Color: "<</cupsColorSpace 6/cupsColorOrder 1/cupsCompression 19>>setpagedevice"


    *ColorModel Gray/Grayscale: "<</cupsColorSpace 3/cupsColorOrder 0/cupsCompression 17>>setpagedevice"
    *ColorModel CMYK/Color: "<</cupsColorSpace 6/cupsColorOrder 1/cupsCompression 17>>setpagedevice"

    Remove *QPDL PacketSize: "512" section.


    *QPDL QPDLVersion: "2"


    *QPDL QPDLVersion: "5"

    Additionally, change all "CLP-300" string instances with "CLP-315" and save this as clp315.ppd.

    Finally, reconfigure your printer in cups with this ppd file and try to print. Report  your detailed progress, if any.

  • Andrew Wasielewski

    I tried this with my CLX-3175FN, on the assumption that the printer component is basically a CLP-315 (see related post here  Unfortunately no luck - I get a message "SPL-C ERROR - Please use the proper driver" (ref. to Line 606).

    What can we do to get a proper PPD for CLP-315 (and CLX-3175)?


  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2010-08-30

    I'm sorry if it didn't  work.

    I was speculating that this printer could work without the JBIG coding.

    It's obvious that you can just use the native driver but are you willing to try  more instructions to make this unit work?


  • Anonymous - 2010-08-31

    Hey lhamada,

    sorry that it took so long to test your suggestions; i wasn't at home zthe last week.

    I've tested what you've said with my CLP-315w (Basically the wireless version of CLP-310) and i get the usual SPL-C error on the printouts:

    SPL-C error - Please use the proper driver
    POSITION: 0x0 (0)
    SYSTEM: src/xl_image
    LINE: 606
    VERSION: SPL-C 5.35 11-20-2007

    I'd try anything you'll come up with, i'd be overjoyed if we could get this one to work with SpliX!

  • Andrew Wasielewski

    I'm up for testing anything…

  • Puff65537

    Puff65537 - 2010-10-02

    I have a CLP315w, and a laptop with the windows drivers which works fine on the network, but I can't find any ppd to put on my linux machines.  Is there anything I can test to help get this working?  Maybe a network capture from printing a known pdf or something?

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-14

    I am up for testing something as well, also if it helps I have PPD file from foo2qpdl if someone wants to try to modify it for Splix (assuming that is even possible).

  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2011-02-23

    Ok, then since the instruction above unfortunately did not work, I will try to figure whats the difference between the construction of qpdl version 5 of splix with the one from foo2qpdl.

    I think, for this, there will be a need to introduce a new cups specific ppd keyword, adequate for this case:

        *cupsModelNumber: number 

    Suggestion anyone ….


  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2011-03-01

    Who wants to test an attempt for new addition forr clp-315?

    (Tracker->Support request->CLP-315 Experimental)

    This files are for users of clp-310, clp-315 and clp-610 users.

    Please expect the following to occur:

    - Printer do not reacts.
    - Print error message.
    - Print blank page.
    - Prints garbage.
    - Prints distorted.
    - Prints in *negative*.
    - Partial print.
    - Unexpected behaviour in the printer.
    - Any combination of the above.



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