Printing blank test page :-(

  • whowar

    whowar - 2007-11-15


    I'm running gentoo linux on a G4 imac.  I've installed cups (via gentoo emerge) version 1.2.12-r2, cupsddk from source version 1.2.3 and splix 1.0.2.  Everything installs without error and I can print the cups test page fine when using the Samsung ML-1510 Foomatic/gdi driver, but whenever I select and print the cups test page with the Samsung ML-1510, 1.0 (Splix) driver I get a blank page...

    I'm not satisfied with only being able to print with the Foomatic driver and would like to get the Splix driver going as well.  But I'm stuck and need help!



    • Aurélien Croc

      Aurélien Croc - 2007-11-15

      You have to give me more information. At first, is there some error messages in the CUPS error_log? Does rastertospl2 exited with error 0 ? Does it crashes ? Are you sure you are using the correct PPD provided by the correct version of SpliX you are using ?

    • whowar

      whowar - 2007-11-16


      I've captured the output of cups error_log and access_log with debugging turned on and provided a copy of my /etc/cups/ppd/ML-1510-SPLIX.ppd.  I can't see how to add attachments to this so I've mailed them instead.

      For rastertospl2 is there some command line test that I can do and provide that output?

      With thanks,


    • Dr. Jan Hauss

      Dr. Jan Hauss - 2008-04-24

      I assume the software has an issue with little <-> big endian architectures.
      If I have time I'll try it out on SolarisX86. On Solaris SPARC I get the same results you get.

    • Paul Smedley

      Paul Smedley - 2008-07-19

      I see blank test pages too, printing using CUPS on OS/2.

      I have CUPS + Gutenprint working perfectly for my Epson RX650, so I know the CUPS side of things is good.

      I've compiled splix 1.1.1 and tried a testprint from CUPS - the printer outputs a blank page and the status light flashes green.

      I built rastertospl2 with debug enabled - but the messages are in french - I don't see anything major - and rastertospl2 returns status 0 indicating it completed successfully.

      CUPS debug log is at (

      result.spl2 (from /tmp) is at

      Any help appreciated!

      Problem is the same whether I use socket, lpd or ipp protocol to the printer.



    • Paul Smedley

      Paul Smedley - 2008-07-19

      FWIW - I didn't have jbig support enabled - so thought that might be the problem with my CLP-300N - unfortunately it isn't as I rebuilt with jbig support today and no change in behaviour :(


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