bidinou - 2010-08-24

HI !

First, thanks a lot to the developers for their work !

I recently acquired a ML 2250 Samsung printer. Using Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64.

When using the Splix 2.0.0 driver, It partly works : it can print a test page or a text document pretty quickly and well. (gradients look too dark though but it must be configurable - darker than with the default foomatic driver or the proprietary driver).

However, if I try to print a pdf file with an image, I get an error message such as "PCL6 error - undefined XL code".

If I use the default cups foomatic driver, there's also an issue when printing pdf files with pictures, but it usually prints them after a few minutes.

May I help investigating this bug ?

It perfectly work using the proprietary driver.