Andrea Benini - 2013-04-19

I'd like to thank you guys because the Samsung CLP 315 printer (Laser Color) works fine with splix and cups.
I have reported it so you can update the current working status on splix home page (was "untested" and now it's "tested"…by me…. please update)

I have never heard of this project before but I'd like to say I love it.
Samsung is doing nice things with Linux (they provide some sort of official support) with their drivers but I don't like at all their policies related to the driver.
A driver should be just a driver and nothing more, if they wish to supply just a .PPD and some utilities with it it could be cool but unfortunately they wish to provide a so called setup program that: doesn't work at all if you don't have QT (and THAT particular kind of QT version) and have huge problems with several distros, in fact they only provide .deb and rpm files. If you're out with Gentoo (like me), Arch, Slack or whatever else distro you'll be in a mess without this driver.

Nice job
Keep up working !\