laruldan - 2012-02-25

ML-3310ND works with splix from svn/-r300 with PPD from ML-3051ND, only HWMargin was a bit off, I replaced it with 10.75 10.75 10.75 10.75 (from all sides). E.g. for A4:

*ImageableArea A4/A4: "10.75 10.75 584.25 831.25"

From comparing by advertised features with samsung's "unified driver" ppd:

  • there are no "JamRecovery", "EconoMode" and "TonerDensity" options in samsung's driver ppd;
    "JamRecovery" seems always enabled (printer jammed paper once, but reprinted jammed page despite this option was set to "Off" {by default} in ppd);
    according to manual, EconoMode supposedly can be driver-controlled in windows, so maybe they just forgot to add it;

  • there are "ReverseDuplex" option (like in splix's clp610nd.ppd) {verified, works}.

  • this printer can have installable/optional lower tray (like in splix's clp500.ppd) {not verified}.

  • there are various restrictions on Duplex/PaperSize/Tray combinations that was not properly reflected in splix ppd;

  • largest supported paper size is US Legal {8.5x14 in}/{612x1008 pt}/{216x356 mm} (splix ppd also contains nonsense like A3 and such).

P.S. Likely same applies to other printers from ML-331xD/ND family {not verified :-)}.