how to contribute?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-05-03

    Hi, I really like this project since a have a Samsung scx-4200 which works
    quite well.
    I'm developing a new cups interface for kde,
    and I found out that there are some stuff that could be improved
    1- PPDs translations should be done in a .po file
    to not duplicate the ppd file
    2- I'd like to add support for report my tonner level as
    cups provides a way to report this info.

    I tried to contact the author, the debian packagers
    but no reply in several weeks, does someone know
    how can I help here?

  • Ray Klassen

    Ray Klassen - 2010-05-06

    SF-565P works using an SCX-4200 driver

  • Till Kamppeter

    Till Kamppeter - 2010-07-22

    I have posted a request to overtake the SpliX project now

    to make it part of OpenPrinting. Then I can add access rights to everyone who wants to contribute to it or to maintain the project.

  • Leonardo Hamada

    Leonardo Hamada - 2010-07-23


    Will be there a new or temporary maintainer for this project?


  • Till Kamppeter

    Till Kamppeter - 2010-07-29

    I have got write access now and did some housekeeping work as committing user-supplied patches and also creating PPDs for new printer models which users reported to work. See the SVN repository. So please supply patches with your enhancements and I will commit them.

  • Till Kamppeter

    Till Kamppeter - 2010-07-29

    Added the Samsung SF-565P to the supported printers in the SVN repository of SpliX.

  • Jindrich Makovicka

    Hi, many thanks for taking the project over.

    Some time ago, I also suggested pruning of the CMS file archive at .
    Most of the files are duplicated, so they could be symlinked together to save space. The following Perl script produces the shell commands performing the deleting & linking.


    print "#!/bin/sh\n";

    open(INP, "md5sum *cms* | sort -k33 |");

    while (<INP>) {
       if (/^(+)\s+(\S+)$/) {
           $hash = $1;
           $fname = $2;
           if (!defined($sums{$hash})) {
               if ($fname =~ /(+)$/) {
                   $sums{$hash} = $1;
           } else {
               print "rm $fname; ln -s $sums{$hash} $fname\n";


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