Version history

SPINA Version history

SPINA Thyr 4.0 (Mercator)

Major update with multiple new features (structure parameters, HL7 and security)

4.0.1 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Bug fix release addressing tickets #16 and #17 (09-IV-2015).

4.0 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Major update with multiple new features including support for new structure parameters, import and export of findings as HL7 messages, support for LOINC terms, an editor for patient data, improved printing function, improved security measures and bug fixes (feature tickets #11 - #13, bug ticket #15, 13-I-2015).

SPINA Thyr 3.4 (Atlas)

New structure parameters for pituitary function

3.4.2 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Hot fix release resolving an issue where calculation of TTSI resulted in wrong values under certain conditions (ticket #14, 24-VI-2014).

3.4.1 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Bug fixes addressing the bug tickets #11 and #13 (24-V-2014).

3.4 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Major update with multiple new features, including calculation of paramters for central homeostasis (TTSI and TSHI), export of results as text files and HL7 messages, and improved handling of reference ranges (14-III-2014).

3.4 for S: S functions expanded to support TTSI, TSHI and sTSHI (23-III-2013).

SPINA Thyr 3.3 (Galaxis)

Major new release with multiple new functions and bug fixes.

3.3.1 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Multiple bug fixes, first code-signed version for
Mac OS X (13-VII-2013).

3.3 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Multiple new functions including a reporting module
for reference values, support for substitution therapy with thyroid hormones and
improved printing function. Additionally, multiple bug fixes (13-II-2013).

SPINA Thyr 3.2 (Melrose)

Bug fixes and minor GUI improvments, new compilers, first version for Palm OS.

3.2.1 for Mac OS X: First version for Intel-based Macs (23-IX-2012).

3.2 for Palm OS: Bug fixes, improved calculation engine and new features for the user
interface including extended support for devices with keyboard and for the JogDial®
in Sony Clié devices (15-VI-2010).

3.2 for Linux: New version for Linux, based on the source code of the Mac OS and Windows
versions (21-I-2010).

3.2 for Mac OS and Windows: Final release of version 3.2. As compared to the beta
version again improved printing function and additional error corrections

3.2 Beta for Palm OS: Fixes a bug that caused a crash after entering distinct
combinations of thyroid hormone levels. Implementation of some planned features that
ware still lacking in the alpha versions, e.g. clipboard support and remembering
units in the preferences (10-III-2009).

3.2 Alpha 2 for Palm OS: Several improvements of the user interface including color
support on capable devices (19-II-2009).

3.2 Alpha 1 for Palm OS: First version for Palm OS and related mobile operating systems
like Garnet OS and Access Linux Platform. Developed with winsoft PocketStudio

3.2 Beta for Windows: New version with improved printing function. Code base (Lazarus
and Free Pascal) now shared with Mac OS X version (07-I-2009)

3.2 Beta for Mac OS X: Improved printing function (11-XII-2008)

3.2 alpha for Mac OS X: First alpha version of SPINA 3 for Mac OS X (10.4 or newer): New
code base (Lazarus and Free Pascal), functionality analog to SPINA 3 for Mac OS
Classic and Windows (01-XII-2008).

SPINA Thyr 3.1 (Hyades)

Bug fixes and minor GUI improvments, first S functions.

3.1.3 for S: Bug fixes (05-II-2013).

3.1.2 for S: Bug fixes (25-VIII-2012).

3.1.1 for S: First function for vectorized calculations in S3-capable S implementations,
e.g. R 2.10 or newer (25-VIII-2012).

3.1.0 for Windows: Enhancements analog to the Mac OS Classic Version. In addition,
improved printing functions (08-X-2004).

3.1.0 for Mac OS Classic: Improved user interface with sheets, automatical selection of
application language according to the region code of the operating system

SPINA Thyr 3.0 (Mingzhu)

Introduction of calculations based on levels of total thyroid hormones.

3.0.1 for Mac OS Classic: Bugfix analog to Windows version (20-III-2004).

3.0.1 for Windows: Fixes a bug in the output of calculation results (1-III-2004).

3.0 for Windows: Similar new functions as SPINA Thyr 3.0 for Mac OS Clasic

3.0 for Mac OS Classic: First version supporting calculations based on levels of total
rather than free thyroid hormones (13-III-2004).

SPINA Thyr 2.3 (Cardamon)

Bug fixes and minor GUI improvments.

2.3 for Mac OS X: First version for Mac OS X (Version 10.0.4 and up): Carbon app,
developed in ObjectPascal with Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 5 (31-XII-2002).

2.3 for Macintosh: Printing support improved, fat binary including code for 68K and PPC
processors. Developed in ObjectPascal with Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 5 (22-XI-2001).

SPINA Thyr 2.2 (Cinnamon)

Bug fixes and minor GUI improvments.

2.2.1 for Windows: GUI improvements for exotic preferences (10-X-2000).

2.2.1 for Macintosh: Improved handling of page margins (25-IX-2000).

2.2 for Linux: First Linux version, supporting SuSe, Mandrake and Debian. Developed in
ObjectPascal with Borland Kylix (18-VII-2002).

2.2 for Windows: Supports copying of complete result to the clipboard,
similar to SPINA Thyr for Mac OS (26-IX-2000).

2.2 for Macintosh: Printing function expanded (23-IX-2000).

SPINA Thyr 2.1 (Borealis)

Version introducing printing support.

2.1 for Windows: Printing function implemented (25-IX-2000).

2.1 for Macintosh: Printing function implemented (22-IX-2000).

SPINA Thyr 2.0 (Sirius)

First version supporting multiple measurement units.

2.0.1 for Macintosh: Corrects a GUI error that occured, if multiple windows were opened

2.0 for Windows: New functions in analogy to SPINA Thyr 2.0 for Mac OS (19-IX-2000).

2.0 for Macintosh: Introduces support for different measurement units (18-IX-2000).

SPINA Thyr 1.1 (Aurora)

Improvements of JavaScript engine.

1.1 JS: Every new calculation opens a new window (24-VII-2000).

SPINA Thyr 1.0 (Skorpion)

First official version.

1.0.3 for Windows: New implementation of Windows version with dramatic speed
improvements. Code now based on Borland Delphi (04-IX-2000).

1.0.3 for Macintosh: Fixes a crash that occured if a key was pressed without a
calculation window being open, some GUI fixes (01-XII-1999).

1.0.2 for Macintosh: GUI improvements, new reference range for GD (30-XI-1999).

1.0.2 for Windows: Corrects a font-related error in the GUI, new reference range for GD.

1.0.1 for Windows: Some GUI fixes (26-VIII-1999).

1.0.1 for Macintosh: Filters illegal characters in keyboard input (21-VI-1999).

1.0 JS: First JavaScript version (04-V-2000).

1.0 CGI: First CGI script, based on AppleScript for WebSTAR-compatible servers

1.0 for Windows: First version for Windows, compatible with Windows 95 and NT 4.0.
Developed with Macromedia Director 5 (12-I-1999).

1.0 for Macintosh: First stand-alone application for Mac OS 7 or newer. Developed with
THINK Pascal 4.0 (07-XII-1998)

SPINA Thyr 0.0 (Gentiana)

Unpublished version for internal use.

0.1: First test version for Mac OS 7.5 or newer, based on AppleScript (26-XI-1998).


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