#79 simple phpblog on WWW


I can not start installation of the sphpblog once I
enter my site on the server:verizon.net

My url address to install any program is:
And that should start installation.
It works fine on //localhost. I have the blog and i
love it and want on www.
Somehow the server does not recognize the *.php [in
this case, i guess ,index.php] and start the install
like on //localhost.
I did change the *.php to index.html b'cause the
server automatically installed other programs from
index.html w/o specifically writing that file in the
web address window.
Then, I did make the changes to index.php file to
suit the HTML code and made into index.html.
I thought that would solve my prob. But NO.

Please help me. The tech supp. in Verizon does not
have any idea as to what I am talking about and now I
am turning to the Gurus of SourceForgeNet where I am
sure I will get my solution and solve frustration of
many days, that I got out of Verizon's so called Tech
Please help.


  • Bill Bateman

    Bill Bateman - 2006-05-27
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  • Bill Bateman

    Bill Bateman - 2006-05-27

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    If you put your unaltered code onto the server, and the
    index.php wasn't recognized, then it is a server
    configuration issue - no amount of messing around with the
    source will fix it. I assume by localhost, you mean that it
    works fine on your home server, but not the one provided by
    Verizon. This is normal for some of the free web space
    provided with your high speed service. In Canada here, my
    free web services do not support php either.

    You probably will have to get an account with one of the web
    hosting companies on the net (like godaddy.com, etc) and
    they support php "out of the box."


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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It sounds like your server (VZW) does not support php.


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