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You're Back?! and Some Code For You...

Tv Miller
  • Tv Miller

    Tv Miller - 2012-08-25

    I have been using sphpblog since 06 and when you disappeared in 08, I continued to code it on my own. I've just come to discover you've come back. Yikes, I'm 0.4 versions back but, too late for that. Anywho, major props for the whole thing in the first place. I greatly appreciate it.

    I've made so many code changes that I can't keep track but I have some minute ones that I would like to suggest that make life easier.


    if ( $ok === true ) {
    redirect_to_url( 'static.php?page=' . $filename );

    // Just nicer to redirect to be sure it appears suited to what you wanted seeing as the width when editing is compacted by several pixels to be housed inside of another body.

    No padding AND padded blocks

    Say you want text with padding but a cool flush border to border ad in another block…simple.

    Go to your themes folder, edit the styles.css file and copy
    #sidebar .menu_body { code }
    and paste it again below.
    Zero out the padding. Rename it
    #sidebar .menu_body_zero
    Now, editing a block normally, insert this first…

    </div><div class="menu_body_zero">
    Image or Ad or whatever

    You can check out my site for moving the date around on the body, I like it below in the comments which is easily done by moving around the $entry_array anywhere you want.

    There's a lot more but I just realized you're back. I should post how to use php in an entry or static page soon. I will when I can, anywho, thanks guys. I'm going to check our your latest version and see what I might splice from it.

  • Tv Miller

    Tv Miller - 2012-08-25

    Oops, don't do that extra </div> at the end. Bad coding, bad!

  • Tv Miller

    Tv Miller - 2012-08-25

    Shoot, this is what I get for being in a hurry. That who padding thing is backwards. You zero out the normal existing body and bottom line…well then you get the idea. For another time when I have time.

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2012-08-25

    Thanks, I just checked that first one in, its moved to add_static.php now.  As you run across more changes you've made go ahead and it to the patch tracker and I'll see what I can do.

    As for theme/css modifications I've made them a little more friendly to tinker with yourself.  style.css is reserved for user modifications now so that CSS is easier to migrate during upgrades.  As for the HTML I recommend you copy the theme you started with to another directory and give it its own name, that should help during upgrades if you want to keep it.

  • Tv Miller

    Tv Miller - 2012-08-29

    Did you guys solve the Rating issue where bots or reloads caused ghost values? I could never figure that out.

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2012-08-31

    Nope I haven't looked at that code.  That issue might be documented in the feature requests somewhere.


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