login page without template

  • iulian calin

    iulian calin - 2011-06-11

    how can i remove the template from the login page
    i want to have just the login form

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-14

    Well you probably want an alternate template to replace it, so you need that first.  Then you should be able to do something like:

    if ($_SERVER == 'login.php') {
       // use new template here
    } else {
      // use old template here

  • iulian calin

    iulian calin - 2011-06-15

    no i dont want a template
    i just want the login form
    without sidebar header footer menu o someting like that
    or just like you say, and i can remove everything that i dont want
    thanks any way

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-15

    Well even "nothing" is a template.  You need to have the proper HTML for the page and the template has that.  You might be able to make a custom CSS file that hides the parts you don't want for the login page.

  • iulian calin

    iulian calin - 2011-06-16

    I tried to do this but the problem is that I dont know where to add the code
    I'm not too good at php
    can you please make the code for copy and paste?
    thanks again

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-17

    Well I'd have to create a "nothing" template and then change the PHP or CSS too.  Please open a feature request detailing what exactly it is you want.  Include a list of what you do or do not want to appear on the login page.  Also please explain why this is important to you, because right now this is a low priority since 1) it isn't a bug/broken functionality and 2) it doesn't add new functionality.  I don't understand why this is important if they are just going to see it all once they are logged in anyway?

  • iulian calin

    iulian calin - 2011-07-10

    just think about the design
    some one come to my blog, it looks all over and finaly try the login page, it will be beautifuly surprise to see just the login form and nothing more
    and it's not just this, if you do this i will also try to separate the administration area from the rest of the blog, the functionality it will be big and userfull
    and one more thing, think about user counter, if you go every day on the blog you will have an record more for user counter
    with an administration area it will be no more countings for your visit
    administration area without database? it will be ..WOW

  • Peter

    Peter - 2012-07-24

    I'm wanting to make a 'theme switch' when I use a popup.
    Can someone help me out ,  Ive edited simple theme to remove sidebar from the template..
    I'm trying to make comments popup … even tho I know most don't like this method.

    if ($_SERVER == 'comments.php') {
    $blog_theme = "simple" ; // use new template here
    else {
    $blog_theme = "default" ; // use old template here

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2012-07-24

    You are probably better off using CSS or Javascript if you just want to make a small change like hide a sidebar.

  • Peter

    Peter - 2012-07-24

    Appreciated, I agree with you. Quick response… Yew!

  • Peter

    Peter - 2012-07-26

    Well…. after many hours, many methods, none worked :(  …easier said than done!!
    The menu sticks to the template like (you know what) to a blanket!


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