#205 audiere fix or replacement w/winamp-style plugins

engine (98)

currently, audiere is one single dll which has ALL the
sound functions in it, most of those functions trying to
be a catch-all for filetypes (i'm only guessing b/c i
haven't seen the code itself & even if i did, i'm not
familiar w/audio or graphics related c/c++ functions). as
such, playSound(snd_file, willLoop) loops EVERY song
passed to it FROM THE BEGINNING. music modules don't
usually have loop-points at the beginning, so this can be
disadvantageous. audiere also has decent support for a
range of different sound filetypes, but quite a few fairly
popular types are missing & quite a few ppl would like to
see them supported (ie me, myself, & i). audiere.dll could
be kinda like the middleman, with code the equivalent of:
if (in_spc.dll is found) {
add spc support;
therefore taking some of the flak off of audiere itself &
allowing correct looping in filetypes like music modules &
gameripping filetypes (spc, nsf, gbs, psf, etc). also,
given the popularity of winamp, ANYONE who has
winamp installed can use winamp's plugins in sphere &
vice versa (if implemented correctly).


  • Joey Peters

    Joey Peters - 2004-06-20

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    Gameripping filetypes? Personally, I don't like the idea at
    all. Music support for sphere is fine and far better than
    most other rpg makers. Also note that those formats are
    licenced by nintendo and other companies (let stand it's
    actually pretty stupid, seeing as you can convert them to
    mods or others).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    If you have a tracker/mod file which contains loop points,
    audiere treats them correctly by default. I don't have Sphere
    on this machine to test it, but I would be very surprised if it
    didn't work.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I agree such support would be beneficial. Is there anybody who could implement this into the next release?

    I know RMXP, being a former rmxp user, has accomplished this. However this support in sphere would be awesome, not to mention quite useful.


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