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Upcoming feature: clear mode changed

In 1.0a, clear mode had two settings, on(true) and off(false). When on, you could drag the mouse over rectangles, and any piece in that rectangle would be shuffled randomly elsewhere in the pane.

I would typically use this when I had cut down on the number of single pieces left, and wanted to sweep everything to one corner of the pane where I could see everything at once. The trouble with this is that I usually had to sweep at least two regions, and when I swept the second region, some pieces would shuffle to the previous one. Still better than dragging every piece one by one, but a tad annoying.... read more

Posted by Paul Brinkley 2004-02-04

1.0a now in jar form.

There are now two releases for 1.0a. The first, a zip of the source, was corrupt and is now fixed. The second is a ready to run jarfile. I recommend setting a fairly big heap size, say, "java -Xmx512m -jar sphaero.jar".

If anyone knows why this thing is such a memory hog, I'm all ears. (Profiler seems to report tens of thousands of Rectangle objects created, among other things, and not being GCed efficiently enough. They seem to be created deep down in Swing's code; I'm not entirely sure.)... read more

Posted by Paul Brinkley 2004-01-18

Version 1.0 alpha is here.

Took me long enough to get around to this. Honk if you like it...


Posted by Paul Brinkley 2003-12-30