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Speedy MIDI 1.1 released

This is a minor bugfix release only (see CHANGELOG file).

Posted by Holger 2013-09-13

Speedy MIDI 1.0 released

Speedy MIDI just reached version 1.0 and is no longer in the beta stage.

New features include:
- Simpler pasting
- MidiThru
- Loads RIFF/RMID files
- Better swing algorithm
- Tooltips
- Various bugfixes (see CHANGELOG file)

Thank you for using Speedy MIDI!

Posted by Holger 2011-04-11

Speedy MIDI 0.9 released

The new version number 0.9 better represents the actual development status of Speedy MIDI: It is basically complete. This version fixes minor bugs, contains some new features and has the source code cleaned up.

Posted by Holger 2010-11-04

Speedy MIDI 0.1.1 released

The first public version 0.1.1 of Speedy MIDI has just been released.
This includes a Setup Executable for Windows and source code for Windows & Linux (based on Qt 4.6)

Posted by Holger 2010-09-28