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SpeedSim v0.9.7.0b Released

A new version of SpeedSim has been released. It's main new feature is the report history which can also handle multiple reports from a single text. It also keeps you on track what targets you have raided.
I also activated Themes under XP, so SpeedSim looks a bit nicer even without Skins.
Finally there was also a lot of bugfixing, so you can now use own RapidFire and own ShipData again.

A more detailed changelog is available in the installer and the zip-Archived.... read more

Posted by Nicolas 2007-07-29

SpeedSim v0.9.6.0b Released

A new SpeedSim version has been released. The most important thing in this version is the implementation of the Battlecruiser and the RapidFire update for OGame 0.75.
Check out the Changelog_eng.txt for more detailed list of changes

Posted by Nicolas 2007-02-04

SpeedSim Released

The new version has just been released. It fixes the "Next Wave"-Bug aswell as the problem with Firefox not displaying CRs and the BWC-File.

The new ship is not yet implemented due to beta status of the Interceptor.

More detailed changelog is available in Changelog_eng.txt

Posted by Nicolas 2007-01-27

SpeedSim released

This is mainly a bugfix release to solve all problems with the IP-Missile Simulator. But there is also a new feature: Average Deuterium costs for recyclers. Hope you like it!

Posted by Nicolas 2006-11-25


The most important new feature is that SpeedSim now includes a Missile Simulator for OGame (activatable over the menu).
I've also added some new skining stuff. Check out the skining page for more information!
Furthermore there is from now on also an installer for users who don't like the zip archive.
More new stuff is coming soon.

Posted by Nicolas 2006-11-18

New SpeedSim version:

This new version includes better skinning support, many bugfixes and a new look for the html files (combat reports and best/worst-case). Take a look into the changelog to see exactly what has been changed.
Additionally I'm currently working on a linux version of speedsim (using wxWidgets) - just be patient and you will get a nice version, which could also work under MacOS X.

Posted by Nicolas 2006-07-22

New version [] and other information

Hello there,
I've just released a new version. It includes mostly bugfixes and minor improvements. For more detailed information take a look into the release notes or the Changelog_eng.txt ;)

I think this will be the last release before bigger things are going on. I'm already working on a better statistic for raiders and first work on a linux version have started (yeah!). Furthermore we're working on a nice new website - stay tuned for more information ;)... read more

Posted by Nicolas 2006-03-19

New Version: v0.9.2.5b

Hi there,
we've just released a new Version of SpeedSim. In that version we've changed the whole saving system (should be easier to change by yourself now) and added some new cool features, such as minizing to the system tray or bring SpeedSim to front if you copied a text from OGame (e.g. espionage reports) into your clipboard.
For more information about changes take a look into the changelog :)

Posted by Nicolas 2005-05-22

Bugfix release v0.9.0.1

We just release a new version of SpeedSim which is mainly a bugfix-release... For more information see changelog ;)

Posted by Nicolas 2005-02-04

SpeedSim v0.8.9.5b

we released a new version of SpeedSim which fixes some bugs and adds some cool new featues, like editing espionage reports, font changing (for skinners) and support for the buggy ogame version ;)

Posted by Nicolas 2004-11-14

SpeedSim v0.8.9.1b

There was a bug with the RF of RIPs versus fleet. I fixed it, the new version is online

Posted by Maximilian Matthé 2004-10-30

SpeedSim on Sourceforge

SpeedSim is now hosted by Sourceforge. That means, SpeedSim went OpenSource :-) To get the source check out the cvs repository.

Today we released a new version: v0.8.9.0b:
- fixed Combobox
- Updater points to new server (sourceforge)
- added some language strings
- fixed skinning bug with transparent buttons
- the speedsim homepage should open now in a new window
- DLL now much smaller
- changed kernel structure
- bug with cancelling a fight fixed
- small bug fixes... read more

Posted by Maximilian Matthé 2004-10-29