- I realise that Andrew had created a patch for TORCS where the steering wheel and driver's arms are animated using the measurement of how much the car is steering. I wonder, could this be done for the acceleration/brake values?
- Engine damaging through abusive driving was a thought:
In the very old Playstation game Test Drive Le Mans, if players played the "Le Mans 24 Hours" or "Championship" mode on "Professional" difficulty, if he set his rev-limiter too high and constantly hit that point, his engine would heat up at an alarming rate. Then, the engine would billow out smoke before finally blowing if the player failed to take notice. From a player's point of view, "all we have to do" is shift at a lower rpm to avoid that kind of problem. If it were implemented in TORCS-ng, bots could avoid this by setting their engine redlines lower... or by programming them to use only up to a certain point of rpm's and not the whole range (I think most bots do this already, anyways.) And then, when the engine overheats, the damage meter could maybe increase very, very fast.
 - Defining tyres by using seperate surfaces.xml files is another crazy idea from me:
SIMBIN's commercial titles, and EA Sports/ISI's series of simulations use seperate .tyr files to define various characteristics of a tyre brand/type. By doing this, we can define different tyres for different cars, as far as I know, assuming everything is the same besides the compound and inside composure, that a GT car's tyre has more traction than one on a lousy p406 ;)
- DON'T keep on going:
In some respects, TORCS, even on pro difficulty is still too forgiving in some ways: damage of the car one of them. I can slam into a barrier at about 200 km/h ingame and still drive off with "a bent fender" (less than 2000 damages). We could lower the limit (maybe 5000), or even define this individually amongst all cars (the best solution IMO): after all we can't get away with side-by-side tapsies in a open-wheeler or LMP as much as a touring car... if at all ;)
- Keep on rolling, rolling, rolling
It's almost impossible to flip a car in simuv3, and when they do flip they always land back on their wheels. Cool, but not cool and unrealistic sometimes at the same time. Maybe the cars are equipped with cats and french toast and butter?
- Dynamic camber (car suspensions/wheels):
No matter if your camber is nada-nan-zip or -5, it will not exactly stay that way. Actually, the camber becomes more "centered" a bit, probably due to forces on the wheel and tyres. The camber usually changes about one to two degrees (more or less), which is kind of a big range due to the various characteristics of the road.
Completely insane ideas:
- Style driving mode, where objective is to slide the car without crashes or going off-course:
Scoring measured by the absolute value of the angle of the car relative to the track segment, and speed. Insane idea, because I have no idea if there are any other drift drivers other than me. Actually, I always wanted to have a drift battle with Olethros bots on Alpine-1... xD
- Different modifications to the car bodies for cars to stand out, for example a USR bot using a different front splitter, or a berniw with an "air scoop" on the rear window. Actually, it's possible in a way now: since we can define the models using the car.xml, we can choose the different models. For example maybe for that "really cool" USR front splitter, instead of "car7-trb1.acc", it could be "car7-trb1_usr.acc". Insane idea because no way, that someone will spend his time making unique parts for every bot.