Hi W-D,

Well that's great if Danny's happy for his bot to be part of SD, and if it was able to work "out of the box" as you said.

I'm thinking that the pitting would be easier to resolve than fixing the many problems with USR.  Is it something other people could help with or does it need Danny to implement the changes?


On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Wolf-Dieter Beelitz <wdb@wdbee.de> wrote:

Hello Andrew,


when I had the SD robot framework running in a first version, I asked Daniel to use it for his robot to make it run with SD. It worked out of the box.


Last year we asked Daniel to contribute to SD (with the robot) and he started to work on it. It is still not finished (last time we talked about he stated, that he has to work on the pitting to make it work with the changed SD definitions as well).


Xavier tried to fix some of the open issues we have with the USR, but there is still no solution that really works.






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Hi everyone,

My idea was always for SD to have at least two high quality bots, preferably with different driving styles, as that'd make races less predictable and avoid the situation where all the bots drive the same way. I've always intended when possible to come back to SD, fix the bugs in USR and ensure its drives properly with all car types & tracks, however I have to recognize that this just isn't going to happen.

Therefore I've been thinking about alternatives.   

Either someone else takes on the burden of working with USR, or a newer, better performing & more cleanly coded robot is brought in to replace it.  Looking at what's happened with the Torcs racing board over the last couple of years, it seems evident to me that Daniel Schellhammer's "dandroid" fits that description.  Its certainly a lot faster than USR ever was or could be, and its competing on even terms with Wolf-Dieter's robots.

So I'm throwing this out there for discussion - would others be in support of replacing USR with dandroid (which would obviously need modifications to compile & work with SD's different API and the skill factor added), and if so would it be ok for me (or someone else, doesn't have to be me) to ask Daniel if he'd be happy for his work to be used as part of the project?



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