I think this behavior is realistic. Preventing locking wheels, ABS helps primarily controling the car. It is as much a steering device as it is a braking device.

On a dry road, locking wheels produce more friction than rolling wheels. Therefore, braking distance should be shorter without ABS.

On a wet road, ABS actually improves steering control and shortens braking distance, as locking wheels will simply skid on the water film.



2012/1/30 Speed Dreams <noreply@sourceforge.net>
#592: Unrealistic physics when braking
 Reporter:  mahela007                                     |       Owner:  somebody
    Type:  defect                                        |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                                         |   Milestone:  to be defined
Component:  Physics engines                               |     Version:  2.0.0 rc1
 Keywords:  braking, skidding, locked, distance, physics  |
 The car seems to take a longer distance to stop when ABS is on than when
 ABS is off and the wheels are locked. (i.e in a complete skid).

 I was only able to do some simple, manual test.. Attached, is a screenshot
 that shows what's happening.

Ticket URL: <http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/speed-dreams/ticket/592>
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