I actually feel like everything is going well so far, though I can't say that the way that we are implementing the changes is the cleanest. I realized that I had to make some XML modifications in order to lay out the menu option for speedometer types (which I put in the simulation menu for the time being).

I added the gauge loading. It now loads the proper gauges and I think the angles should work once we complete conversion to KPH in grboard.cpp (which my partner for this project is responsible for). 

The files that required substantial modification were grboard.cpp (for loading textures and ultimately outputting speed to screen), simuconfig.cpp (for adding the menu option), the XML files for each car, and simuconfigmenu.xml .

We wound up using if statements within grboard.cpp to decide which speedometer to load and speed type to calculate - not the most elegant solution, but it does the trick for now. I have basic mph-style speedometers built for the default and three of the cars and intend to do the rest over the next two weeks.

Just let me know what you need from us in order to implement this in the official build!


On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 8:42 PM, <simon@mungewell.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> That would be me working on that fork! My final project for a software
> design course is to build on a pre-existing open-source project.

Cool, if you're getting school/college credits for this perhaps I
shouldn't help out too much ;-)

> It's
> actually seems to be a really simple set of changes that can be split into
> three parts:
> -adding menu options

Our menu system is painful... There was some thinking that we'd move to
another system and just keep the core game engine in C++. See JP's work on

> -creating and loading an alternative set of gauges

Basic would be to just change template/texture files in the car's XML the
angle of the needle wouldn't have to change. Switchable between MPH and
KPH would be nicer

> -performing a conversion to mph to calculate the new angle of the
> speedometer needle

I'd look at that '3.6' here:
>> http://sourceforge.net/p/speed-dreams/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/src/modules/graphic/ssggraph/grboard.cpp#l980


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