2013/10/30 Gaëtan André <>
Does SF support bzr ?


2013/10/30 Gaëtan André <>

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From: Gaëtan André <>
Date: 2013/10/29
Subject: Re: [Speed-dreams-devel] Choosing a new versionning software.
To: Xavier Bertaux <>

Hi all,

I agree with Xavier. No need to have have repos everywhere. One repo on SF is enough (if we choose git) : but we can do a lot of branch there. Simon why would you want playground branches to be anywhere but on SF ?

I guess that choosing bazaar implies moving to Launchpad ?

Personally I am more accustomed to git.

Do anyone know Bzr ?


2013/10/29 Xavier Bertaux <>
Hi Simon,

my question was on migrate SF SVN on SF GIT, opening a git depot will
not help to make updates to branch outside a git repository to trunk /
svn if there is too much difference.
have an external git will not help you for testing patches,  as this
would require the devs to have two local deposits, SVN and GIT.

For me, or we keep SVN or we migrate on GIT or other. I don't
think disperse the project, deposit, wiki, tickets, mailing was a good idea.


Le 29/10/2013 18:32, a écrit :
>> > I suggest we discuss the pros an cos of all of them for a week, and then,
>> > launch a vote .
> I would vote for Git, simply because I'm already using it and have no
> experience with HG. I believe that there is little difference between the
> two.
> The main reason we might want to go this way is that it would enable
> developers to work colaboratively outside the scope of the official
> branch, and hopefully speed up development and patching.
> It would not be a requirement to move the offical branch to git, we could
> just put a clone of SVN on GitHub (or somewhere) and use that for a
> playground.
> Here's some suggestions on how to get SF running a git repo:
> What's probably more important is getting devs used to the idea of pushing
> out unfinished code.... ;-)