If the option is enable by default, we have to make the user aware of it so that he does not feel betrayed.

Your registration protocol as you explain it might be subject to spamming. That is why there is the email thing. But there might be other ways.

As for the C++ thing, I can help.



2013/10/30 madbad <madbad82@gmail.com>

- As per requests I will move the hall of fame stuff into the raceresult page (in this case i probably need to log the laptimes since I'm not sure if they are already stored somewhere, for sure they are stored for practice sessions not sure for qualify and race ones, need to look into this).

- For the data sent to webserver I was thinking on making it configurable with an on/off option (in the player creation page??) (enabled by default ??) so the user don't have to bother with it too much.
Do you guys prefer a per-race "manual" submission?

- Do we want to store all laps or only best laps? Do we want to store both but handle best laps in a different way (see replay suggestion)?

- For the "registration" I was thinking, as a start point, on making it somewhat simpler than a full registration with email on the webserver (I personally find those thing really annoying).
I was thinking on SD getting assigned an unique ID on first connection to the web server, this id get stored on a config file on the PC and used to track the user (I know this method is not as secure as a full registration...)

Well, you guys have lots of cool Ideas but as I said before† I'm not a big C++ programmer (well I'm not even a programmer at all) so my motto was: Lets start simple and see how it grow.


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