Hello guys,

Some of you know, others don't but I am currently preparing a PhD. This will end in the end of September. I will then be free to begin a new job.

I was thinking that it may be the occasion to have someone work full-time on SD. This would be a great boost for the project. A plan on what I would do and the objectives I should meet could be set.

We all know the lacking resource of SD is time ... and time can be funded.

In order to fun this year I was thinking on micro funding (for ex. kickstarter and/or donation ...). I do not know if we would have more chance to be funded with asking money for funding more than one, but two or three of us, but by offering greater achievements. It could be a good idea to have a graphist working full time at the same time.

What do you think of this idea ?

Of course if this idea is accepted and if we find enough money we will have to set up a way for you to control what I do, and for you to verify I am actually working.

Here are questions you hve to ask your self:
1/ Would it be great to have one/more people to work on SD full time?
2/ What amount do we need? Do we have more chance to be funded if we target higher amounts with higher objectives in achievements in exchange ?
3/ How could we get the funds?
4/ Can GaŽtan be trusted enough to be one of this people full time on this SD project?
5/ Who could be the other persons ?
6/ What system could we set-up to control/verify the work being done by this paid people? Is trust enough?
7/ Could we monetize this work/funds to have more people working full time one SD ?