I've given the Murasama (too much Touhou games lately make me misread that as "Murasa-sama") and the Furia a shot at their suggested courses, here's some thoughts from me. I use Logitech Driving Force GT wheel with the default 200 degrees steering lock, as these are open-wheel race cars that demand twitch reflexes.

Murasama @ Milky: Is this car supposed to be driven flat out here? I think the gear ratios are rather too short even for single-car runs. Too bad this track's front stretch and Turn 2 rape my frame rates...

Murasama @ Long Pond: Feels okay. Probably should stay with a bias toward understeer so it's drivable in traffic, although it could do with a graze more downforce for this track in my opinion.

Furia @ Corkscrew: I think there's a simultaneous problem of having too much peak grip and having it drop off way too fast. It's far too easy to overdo correcting a slide, because everything happens within tiny fractions of a second. Some yaw tolerance at mid-low speeds would be appreciated. I understand that this is a top-end open-wheel race car armed with a turbo'd 850 horsepower V-8 and negative lift many times its base curb weight at high speeds and cutting-edge racing slicks, but the setup is far too unforgiving. I can do 1:11 times, but it's very inconsistently doing so. This car is kind of like Illya from the Fate-series of visual novels: If you stay far away from her limits, she plays nice. But if you push to the limit, she'll brutally murder you in a blink if you're not quick enough to react.

Again, I don't think it's the amount of grip that's the issue here... it's more a matter of having to react both insanely quick and with such nearly impossible precision.

On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 8:14 AM, Xavier Bertaux <bertauxx@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Hi kristof

I look this And report after yours holidays

Pass the good holidays


Envoyé de mon iPhone

Le 9 août 2013 à 14:03, Kristóf Kály-Kullai <kakukri@gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hello Xavier and all,
> committed a revised set for MPA1 setups. Main changes:
> - increased grip to get closer to real lap times
> - decreased fuel consumption, the target is 1.85 mile/gallon, that is
> roughly 1 km/ kg, it still needs some work.
> The 3rd spring still causes some weird behavior occasionally, so these
> setups are without it.
> The setups:
> FFR - for road, now I can do 1:11s around Corkscrew (the pole time in
> 2002 was 1:09.473.
> Furia - same as FFR, but with Murasama engine - more top power, less torque.
> Hartbill - short oval setup, for 1 milers.
> Lynx - superspeedway setup
> Murasama - Lynx with Murasama engine.
> Superspeedway setup is used on tracks with length >= 2 miles (3200 m).
> Its rear wing angle is locked intentionally, as a fixed Handford
> device was used on superspeedways.
> I will go to holiday this afternoon, will be back after 20 of August.
> Please test them, report any problems, and I will fix them when I am
> back. Some setup improvement might also come (wing angles, suspension,
> or such things).
> Cheers,
> Kristof

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