Hello Haruna and all,

first thanks for the detailed test and report.

Murasama @ Milky: Is this car supposed to be driven flat out here? I think
the gear ratios are rather too short even for single-car runs.

Real Champcar last raced at Indy in 1995, so we cannot say for sure. My feeling is that a slight lift going into T1 and T3 is necessary, at least on full tank. Now looking at Milky, it has a grip of 1.2, which seems too high, I will try to reduce this.

Gears were intended to set up to reach almost 400 kph in 7th, but I will check it.
Murasama @ Long Pond: Feels okay. Probably should stay with a bias toward
understeer so it's drivable in traffic, although it could do with a graze
more downforce for this track in my opinion.

True, more downforce could help at Longpond, as it is probably the slowest superspeedway. and the setup is for an average superspeedway.
Furia @ Corkscrew: I think there's a simultaneous problem of having too
much peak grip and having it drop off way too fast. It's far too easy to
overdo correcting a slide, because everything happens within tiny fractions
of a second.

I will have a look at it. Although for me if it slides a lot I spin, if it slides slightly I can catch, probably your reflexes are better than mine, and you can overdo correction on slides where I would already spin :).

Just to make sure: it happens during acceleration, right?

For a quick fix to make the rear more stable you might try to decrease "max slip bias" of the rear differential to 0.2 or even to 0.1.