Greetings speed-dreams developers!

I'm a co-founder of Autosport Labs; here we focus on open source hardware / software for motorsports applications.  Last year we successfully crowd-funded on Indiegogo the RaceCapture/Pro system - a data acquisition and real time telemetry system for racing applications.

In summary, the system can log data from engine and chassis sensors, built-in accelerometers and GPS, transmitting the data in real-time to The primary benefit of this technilog is real-time vehicle and driver analysis during the race, where race coaches, teams and drivers can make adjustments during the race, when it actually matters, vs. after the fact.

Data flows to the cloud in a web based application where anyone with the link can view and analyze the data in real time or after the race event.

The reason why we are reaching out is this story:

Toyota and Sony have made headlines with their so-called 'telemetry' system; the reality of this system is that data is simply recorded and played back in the game. In our opinion, it's not telemetry in the true sense of the word.  We can do better.

After some internal team conversations on this subject I recalled playing with the original open souce sim, TORCS- after a bit of research I found the new speed-dreams project. 

Further research from wikipedia shows that driver bots can be plugged in to the game in a modular fashion. We were curious if this same mechanism could receive a live feed from the RaceCapture/Pro telemetry system and create a system that would allow virtual racers to race against real-life racers - all during the race! 

This would be a true example of real-time telemetry blending with a driving sim; If we could get this to work we feel it could generate a great deal of excitement for both of our open source projects!

So here we are; thank you for entertaining our message.  Would you have any recommendations on where / how to get started with getting the two systems connected? Sample code, etc?

Warmest regards,
Brent Picasso
Autosport Labs

Brent Picasso
Autosport Labs
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